About RIMS

Workline RIMS is a cloud-based software solution for restaurant and centralized kitchens was founded on 2011 by Rajesh Krishnamurthy & Prakash Balasubramaniam with immense passion.

The perseverance and the hard work of the management and the employees continue to grow which is the constructive facet.

The advantages of RIMS are many; primarily you can track all the actives in real-time from anywhere at any time. Using RIMS, which is a hugely cost-effective solution & requires very low maintenance, you can reduce high hardware cost like POS machines or cumbersome PCs.

Top restaurants and international chains have switched to Cloud Computing software for real-time tracking of supplies, monitoring inventories, sales, billing, wastage, customer feedback and many other features.

Data that is made easily available helps to track the usage of supplies and control wastage in the kitchen, which are essential to improve revenues and profitability. Similarly, data on sales and customer feedback enables you to create effective marketing plans and promotions.

- Team Wokline RIMS